Meet the Team

Dale Wilkinson

Founder, Finance & Mortgage Broker

Dale Wilkinson is a mortgage broker and finance whiz with a solid decade of experience. He's the brains behind The Finance Architect, where his mission is all about helping you kick that debt to the curb and unlock a world of financial and lifestyle choices. No suits and ties here, just down-to-earth advice to make your money work for you.

Dale believes in property as a reliable way to build wealth and is a property investor himself. He’s relatable, down-to-earth, and inspired by helping others.

When Dale's not crunching numbers, he's actively involved in the Hawthorn Cricket Club and he's got a soft spot for Thailand! The food's incredible, the beaches are pure bliss, and the weather's a dream. It's his go-to destination when he's looking for a slice of paradise to unwind and reset.

But Dale's not all about finance and fancy holidays. He's a die-hard supporter of the Richmond Tigers and Liverpool Football Club, and you can bet he's in and around Richmond, when the Tigers are on at the MCG!

In his downtime, you'll find him hanging out with his family, especially his two adorable nieces, Keira and Ellie or enjoying a Maker's Mark with some mates.

Dale Wilkinson is more than just a finance guru; he's your go-to guy for making your money work for you. Whether you're looking to tackle your debt, set up your banking so it works for you or just looking to have a good time, he's got your back.

Stephanie Jordan

Finance & Mortgage Broker

Stephanie Jordan is an experienced mortgage broker with a strong focus on assisting first-time home buyers and new investors. With several years of experience in the industry, she is genuinely passionate about making the path to property ownership and investment as smooth and rewarding as possible for her clients.

Stephanie's real estate journey began at a young age when she purchased her first investment property at 19. This experience ignited her enthusiasm for smart investing and wealth creation, which she is eager to share with her clients.

Outside of work, Stephanie values spending quality time with her two young boys and their rescue pugalier, Zara. Staying active is also a priority in her life, whether it's hitting the gym, keeping up with her children, or enjoying walks with her girlfriends while sipping on almond lattes.

Stephanie's primary goal is to help clients pay off their home loans swiftly and attain financial independence through property investment. With her expertise and unwavering dedication, she is here to serve as a trusted partner on this exciting journey. If you're ready to turn your homeownership and investment dreams into reality, don't hesitate to reach out to Stephanie. Together, you can build a brighter future!

Natalia Klafuric

Finance & Mortgage Broker

Get to know Natalia Klafuric, your friendly neighbourhood mortgage broker with a knack for keeping it real. With a solid background in the land and construction facets of the industry, Nat's your go-to expert for all things mortgages.

Balancing the whirlwind world of mortgages with the mayhem of raising three little legends, Nat brings a unique blend of professionalism and relatability to the game.

Her passion? Helping people wade through the maze of home financing. Nat's not just about the paperwork; she gets the nitty-gritty of land and construction, making sure her clients have someone who not only knows their stuff but also genuinely cares about their dream of owning a home.

When she's not crunching numbers or cracking mortgage deals, Nat's deep in the trenches of motherhood, chasing her trio of ankle-biters with boundless energy. Family's everything to her, and she revels in the beautiful chaos of family life. Weekends often mean impromptu getaways or road trips, soaking up quality time with her crew.

Nat's approach to work is as no-nonsense as her approach to parenting. She breaks down the complexities of mortgages into plain ol' English, making sure her clients feel not just informed but also at ease every step of the way.

Her dedication to her clients matches her devotion to her family, making her the perfect ally for anyone diving into the mortgage maze with a friendly face and a personal touch.

Lawrence Gagui

Loan Administrator

Lawrence Gagui, known as Law, works as a Loan Administrator at The Finance Architect. Passion is a fundamental part of his character, evident not only in his professional life but in all his endeavors. Whether he's diligently handling financial matters in the office or simply relaxing, he fully invests himself in the task at hand.

Outside of his work, Law is an avid traveler who relishes the excitement of exploring new destinations, meeting new people, and gaining diverse experiences. Music holds a special place in his heart, providing comfort and solace in all of life's challenges.

Food is another of Law's great passions, and he considers himself a dedicated food enthusiast, always on the hunt for the finest and healthiest culinary delights. When it's time to unwind, he prioritizes restful sleep, valuing its importance like a precious treasure.

Law is also dedicated to assisting people, particularly in the initial stages of preparing loan applications and throughout the loan assessment and settlement process.


Amanda Cecchin

Over the years we have had multiple dealings with Stephanie. She has been nothing but professional and prompt. Her knowledge and advice is ap very appreciated! We will be back again!


Jessica Pimm

Stephanie was fantastic and made the process super easy! She was very informative and super helpful! Would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a loan



All I can say there is not enough stars. Wow unbelievable very professional easy to talk to very happy thanks

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm uncertain if I'm ready; can you assist in developing a purchase plan?

Certainly. We encounter many people in a similar situation, whether they're not quite ready but have a goal, or they're unsure about their readiness. We'll guide you every step of the way, speaking in plain language while explaining the necessary steps for obtaining financing.

Someone suggested I should be purchasing property within my SMSF. Can you assist with this?

Yes, we can. The SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) space is currently a trending option, and we work with several lenders who operate in this market. If you already have SMSF lending, when was the last time you reviewed it? We've seen substantial savings for clients who were able to secure significant interest rate reductions. If you haven't had your SMSF loan reviewed, it's in your best interest to schedule a Loan Review with us.

My business financials aren't up-to-date, can I still secure financing?

Yes, you can. Depending on factors such as GST registration and the length of time your ABN has been established, it may be possible in some cases to use financials from the previous financial year. Some lenders also offer financing without financials, provided your BAS is current and the numbers align. Understanding which lenders are more accommodating to self-employed applicants is crucial, and our expertise can guide you through these types of applications.

We don't reside in Victoria. Can you still assist us?

Absolutely, no problem. Our services are entirely digital, and our appointments are primarily conducted online. We have clients from all over Australia, and even some based overseas, so your location poses no hindrance.

Do you impose any fees?

In general, no. However, there are exceptions that depend on the complexity of your situation and whether we will receive compensation for our services. Any applicable fees will be transparently communicated to you at an early stage.

How long does it take to secure loan approval?

This varies. We can expedite the application process as much as you can, but the timeline ultimately depends on your chosen lender. Some lenders can process applications within hours, while others may take anywhere from 3 to 14 business days. Bank turnaround times can occasionally influence our recommendations, especially if you have a specific timeframe in mind.